DAE 10 – Safirium 2

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #10

DAE 10 is another Safirium  piece which is now becoming the moniker for all my Sci-Fi content. In this project I am playing with 3D type. Rotating the individual letter forms and having them fly in from scattered directions.

DAE 7 – Headphones

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #7

After a week of experimenting with Trapcode MIR I decide to switch it up. Here we have my first use of Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for After Effects.  After one use I am hooked and amazed at the level of quality this plugin produces.

In DAE 7 I am animating a headphones model after I applied the textures and lighting. Using the replicator option on a spherical array I created this animation.

DAE 6 – Celisthetics 2

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #6

For DAE #6 I wanted to use MIR for a logo or title reveal in a more stylized Mograph way. I created 2 MIR forms one for the colored lines using a color fractal map and the other is the low-poly headline for the text. I love the aesthetic of how this piece came out. I also revisited this piece to sound design which adds greatly to the over all aesthetic.

DAE 4 – Safirium

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #4

This piece was a breakthrough for me. I used a fractal noise map for the amplitude of MIR which resulted in an amazing model. After a few tweaks it became a battle-star ship which a named Safirium.

DAE 3 – Celisthetics 1

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #3

I wanted to use Trapcode Mir for a text reveal and learned it is not all that difficult. Using the text layer as a texture map allows Mir to take on the form of the text. Although it is a looses some opacity with a little color correction it looks good again. I was also playing with my last name and making it into a new word.