DAE 8 – Pyramid

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DAE 8 and I love Element 3D. Here is an abstract animation of a pyramid object flying in and then I went nuts on the controllers to see what I was able to do. I love what some of it and would like to here your comments on the matter.

Occult Generation Graphic Novel

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It has been way to long since I last wrote into my blog. Well today that changes as I am writing to you now and I have some great news. I put together a Kickstarter video over a weekend for Ryan Fukuda the Creator of the photo realistic graphic novel Occult Generation.

I was lucky to catch a glimpse into the 1920’s underground culture of Occult Generation which is sure to be a great read. The Art Direction from James Zark is amazing! I suggest you take a look at their Kickstarter and if you like what you see then you should support them.

“The story is set in 1920s NYC featuring the paranormal, queer culture & a secret society in Harlem committed to ending oppression.”

Paid In Full!

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I recently found this jewel via Greyscale Gorilla’s blog. Although the video is from 2011 it is timeless and great information. Mike Monteiro of Mule Design and his Laywer were speakers at CreativeMornings and their topic is about getting paid. The bluntness of the prenetation title sums it up, Fuck You Pay Me.

50 Hemingway stories read

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I finished reading my vintage used used copy of Hemingway’s “A Farewell To Arms” which I picked up at Green Apple Books n Clement. I saw the ending coming in the last chapter because of the previous Hemingway stories I read they all ended with tragedy worth of the Greeks Gods. Although this is my 50th Hemingway story I read it is also my first Hemingway novel.  As much as I love his short stories ” A Farewell To Arms” was visceral and immersive experience. I say experience because Hemingway has a way to portal you into his scene and walk you through your surroundings until it seems you are so familiar with it you imagine yourself walking around on your own there.

I have no spoiler alerts here therefore if you want to know what happens you must go and read it for yourself. Also keep an eye out for my upcoming script adaptations based on a Hemingway short. If you would like to hear more about it please send me an email at rico@videografiko.com or head to my contact page and write a message.


Freelance Life July

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Wow its already been a month since I last posted something on my blog! It is crazy how time can slip through your fingers as you struggle to catch it. Well I do not really have any new rich media to post except for my words. Let me update all of you on what I have been up to lately.

First, I am getting a lot of gigs as a Production Assistant for Jasper Sanidad Photography doing Interior Architecture at various companies. I already had the please to shoot AirBnB and Facebook HQ’s. Who know what else is in store.

I closed a deal to document a new roof and solar panel installation for the National Center for International Schools. The view from their rooftop is an gorgeous unobstructed 360 degree view of the heart of San Francisco. I am excited to shoot up there.

9 Rules for Killer Product Videos

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The wonderful Amy Liu of the Vimeo staff posted an articles with video examples on how to create successful product videos for your crowd funding campaigns titled “Just Take My Money“. Be sure to check out the link for all 9 nine videos as I only embedded one into this post.

Here is a quick list of the nine rules.

  1. Context is King
  2. Show & Tell
  3. Tell Your Story
  4. Beautify Your Home
  5. Target Audience
  6. No Scare Tactics
  7. Personality
  8. Call To Action
  9. Human to Human Connection



Some crazy inspiration

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I know most people saw Shia LeBeouf’s inspiration speech everywhere lately. Yes, its hilarious and can be taken to heart I did when I first heard it. It the delivery that makes it memorable and ridiculous and I thank you Shia. I am not sure if you know it was only one segment of many in a string of random shorts by various authors. I embedded the video in its entirety. #Introductions

Raoul Marks

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If you are invested into the Motion Design community then you should have some designers who you follow and Raoul Marks should be one of them. His designs are on the forefront of the industry and even has an Emmy for his “True Detective” title sequence to back it up. His work is simplistically beautiful.