DAE 7 – Headphones

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Daily After Effects (DAE) #7

After a week of experimenting with Trapcode MIR I decide to switch it up. Here we have my first use of Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for After Effects. ¬†After one use I am hooked and amazed at the level of quality this plugin produces.

In DAE 7 I am animating a headphones model after I applied the textures and lighting. Using the replicator option on a spherical array I created this animation.

Robots for everyone!

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I stumbled upon Romotive the other day while on my internet job search and I was very impressed with what this company is doing. They created a lovable and easily programmable robot toy which uses your existing iPhone for it brain. The best part about it is not just for children but, appeals to adults too. Being a recently new father I find myself looking for educational products which will help develop my child in a positive way and Romo does just that. At the heart of Romo is they visual based programming interface which teaches children that the usually boring computer science can actually be bun when you are not reading over thousands of lines of code and debugging, bleh. Check out Romo and Romotive for yourself by watching the video I am sure you will fall in love too.


Red Giant TV

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Red Giant TV is one of my favorite resources for all things related to Trapcode and Magic Bullet plug ins for After Effects. There are in depth tutorials for their products and even quick tips to get you started really fast if you do not have a couple of hours to get in the thick of it all. You can learn all the latest trends in Particular, Form, and Mir