DAE 8 – Pyramid

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DAE 8 and I love Element 3D. Here is an abstract animation of a pyramid object flying in and then I went nuts on the controllers to see what I was able to do. I love what some of it and would like to here your comments on the matter.

Daily After Effects

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This is my Day 1 of my new series “Daily After Effects” aka “DAE”. I will be exploring various plug-ins, filters, and techniques and sharing them here. I will do my best to post one a day but, as we all know LIFE sometime will get in the way. When this happens I will multi post to make up for the loss.

For my first experiment I played with Sander Van Dijk‘s amazing free preset “Ouroboros” which is an extraordinarily¬†powerful path stroke animator.


Red Giant TV

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Red Giant TV is one of my favorite resources for all things related to Trapcode and Magic Bullet plug ins for After Effects. There are in depth tutorials for their products and even quick tips to get you started really fast if you do not have a couple of hours to get in the thick of it all. You can learn all the latest trends in Particular, Form, and Mir