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This is where the fun happens in front and behind the camera. Don't worry the camera doesn't bite.


Video village is my second home. This is where I helm a live presentation.


If production is the ingredients the nPost is where the cooking happens to make a delicious dish!


You do not have an in house video or AV member? No worries I share my knowledge to start a plan for you.


You can reach us the good ol’ fashion way and give us a ring or if you prefer the written word please send us a message via email.

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San Francisco

speak: 415-226-9118

Richard Celis III

Creator of quality videos and fresh ideas.

When MTV used to play music videos I would record them onto VHS tape and watch them over and over. Also everyday after school I would tune into California Music Channel and record music videos from local artists in the Bay Area.

Today I have turned my passion for music and visuals into a career as a solo-preneur in the music Industry. I love telling the story of a song visually. The combinations are endless and the music will always lead the way.

Now I take all my experiences, skills, and abilities and use them to create compelling content for my clients. I listen to their needs, stories, and yes their music to form a vision which will inspire their audience.