Description: Slogun is a young up and coming American Drum & Bass producer in Southern California. He approached me to create his artwork for his first signed release ever. The two track EP titled “Watch Ur Step”was to be released under Serious War Recordings.

I was sent a pre-release of the music and I listened to them over and over again absorbing the sensations of produced at different volumes, areas in a room, and the meanings of the titles. I composed the two titles of the tracks, the title of the EP and my result was an unbelievably rough terrain where you must watch your step and move side to side in order to proceed. With my vision alive I proceeded to compose the image. I chose a tank as my focal for 2 reasons first, it ties in with the war themed record label name and second, a relentless war machine designed to cross over the most horrid terrains to achieve its goal. The title needed to be bold and hold its own weight against an  image of a tank. I envisioned a futuristic stencil military typeface. I cascaded the words like a staircase and shifted them side to side paying attention to where extenders line up so I would be able to connect them and create a more personal touch.


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